My Favorite Place to Sit Down in Disney


I love how Walt Disney designed Disney World for lazy people. Seriously, we all rush into the park, but once there we just want to sit our butts down.

So almost every attraction is designed to let us plant a booty, and one of my favorite booty rides is in the Epcot Center, inside the Land pavilion.

A leisurely boat ride travels through a maze of greenhouses where you see the most amazing hydroponic plants! I’ve never seen anything like it, before or since.


Photo by dcJohn

Disney can afford the latest and greatest hydroponics supplies to nurture these beauties, and the resulting plants are healthy, lush, and spectacular.

Tomato tree at EPCOT

Photo by sylvar

These hanging planters travel all day on a track in order to get balanced sun exposure. Talk about the perfect grow light!

The Hanging Gardens

Photo by Bob Owen

If you’ve been there, did you spot the hidden Mickey?

lettuce mickey

Photo by Joelk75

I think it would be a ton of fun to find all the Hidden Mickeys in the park!

Have you found any?



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