Their First Dance – I Turned it into Canvas Art from Gallery Direct


It still brings tears to my eyes to think about my daughter’s wedding day and this beautiful moment.

Gallery Direct wedding photo canvas

Now the happy newlyweds can remember it with just a glance at their living room wall, because I had it made into wrapped canvas art at Gallery Direct.

Remember when I told you that she jumped the broom in her wedding? There’s the broom over her front door!


I wanted to print the photo on canvas instead of paper, so that I would have the option of creating a pretty large-sized piece of art while still retaining the look of the photo, and I had it sent directly to her house. (They come ready to hang!)

wrapped photo canvas

She texted me and sent me pictures the moment it was on her wall. Her words: “WE LOVE ITTTTTTT”


If you’ve ever thought about turning one of your photos into wall art, now’s the time! Use the Gallery Direct discount code photo75 at checkout for 75% off, but hurry! It ends February 1, 2012!

Gallery Direct Logo

I received the piece of art as part of my role as a Gallery Direct ambassador. No other compensation has been received.


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