Scrounging for Tip Money


Oh crap!

I ordered a freakin’ Pizza Hut pizza online, and then immediately remembered that I had to come up with some scratch for the driver’s tip.

I never have cash. I use my debit card to pay for my whole entire life.

So I had to do a mad scramble for coins and hope they added up to an amount that wouldn’t result in my getting merked by a pizza delivery driver on my own doorstep.


And I finally managed to scrimp together the makings of a fairly gratifying donation.

I think.

I don’t really know.

I honestly have no idea what a respectable tip amount should be for pizza delivery.

I gave the dude $4.00. (He had a 6-7 mile drive.)

Too much, too little, just right?

Pizza Hut pizza

How much do you tip your delivery driver?


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  1. PizzaHutDeliveryGal says

    Yes, Pizza Hut does charge a delivery fee. However, what most people don’t realize is that only about a third of it goes to the driver! We make about a dollar per run from that fee, and the rest goes to Pizza Hut, so please don’t rely on that when tipping your driver!

    I, personally, am happy with about five dollars (3-5) and ecstatic with anything over five. This may differ depending on your area, though. I live in Michigan, people from California might expect a little more seeing as the cost of living is higher (as is minimum wage.) Also, I do not mind change in the least. Particularly quarters, as they add up quickly. However, if you would like to tip a driver in a mass amount of change, please have it prepared in a container (perhaps a ziploc baggie?) as our uniforms don’t tend to have many pockets.

    But, most importantly, please show your driver some common courtesy. You know that we are coming, so please don’t be in the shower, put the phone conversation on hold for just a second, make sure we have a place to park temporarily (me having to park five houses down means you’re just going to have to wait a little longer–this is common when I deliver to parties–I will NOT park illegally for a delivery, and I will not put myself in a spot where there is a high risk of bumping another vehicle), make sure we can see your address by not having it blocked or by putting on the porch light at night, and understand that delivery drivers have the right to refuse to deliver if they feel they may be put in danger. For example, we have a lot of marinas and boat docks in my area, and at night I will ask to be met out in a parking lot out in front of the marina for my own personal safety. Also, my store has a policy against delivering to hotels after dark, as some of our drivers have had incidents occur when taking those deliveries. Please respect these kind of policies. Complaints about them don’t make that order any more worth putting myself or my coworkers in harm’s way.

    A little common courtesy goes a long way with service staff, and I don’t usually have too many problems with that as a delivery driver, but you would be amazed at what some people do. I had a man answer his door naked today, I really did not need or want to see that.

    And finally, all Pizza Hut delivery drivers carry no more than $20 on them for safety reasons, you can tip via the credit card slip we give you to sign when paying with debit or credit cards, and please make sure we can reach you at the phone number you give us, because if there is any problem during the delivery, that is how we will try to reach you. If we cannot reach you, we cannot make the delivery.

    All of that being said, most of us enjoy our jobs and would happily take a couple bucks from a polite customer over five dollars from someone who spits in our face any day.

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