Tasting the Flavors of Summer at McDonald’s in NYC!


McDonald’s recently flew a group of bloggers to New York City to taste the new berry-inspired summer menu items: Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal, and the newest McCafe beverage, the Cherry Berry Chiller.

The night we flew in, we went to The Culinary Loft for a berry-inspired dinner, created by Chef Dave Martin (of Top Chef fame), and we all pitched in to help make it.

We started with a Summer Watermelon Salad.


Our entree was Marinated Apple Mango Chicken with fruit salsa and barley.


And the dessert was a warm Chocolate Truffle Cake which was to die for.


I don’t know that I’ve ever had a meal before where I’ve enjoyed the blend of so many interesting flavors. Simply divine!

The next morning was all about tasting the new menu items.

Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal

McDonald's Flavors of Summer-display

I love how plump and plentiful the blueberries are. It’s limited edition, because McDonald’s is only using fresh in-season blueberries to make it.

The flavor is sweet with a hint of bananas, and there’s more than enough to satisfy a hungry belly for just 290 calories.

Oh, and there are walnuts (packaged separately) to add a little more crunch and flavor.




Cherry Berry Chiller

Cherry-Berry-Chiller-McDonald's Flavors of Summer

These are delicious! It’s the latest of the McCafe blended ice beverages. With cherry puree and 100% real fruit juices with natural flavors, it’s a refreshing summer treat. I could taste both cherry and raspberry when I was sipping away.

Grab yours while you can this summer, because this is also a limited edition menu item.


Although McDonald’s paid the expenses of the entire trip, they never asked or even hinted that they’d like us to post about the event, I wanted to do it anyhow. I like telling you guys everything!


  1. April Decheine says

    I have been wanting to try this, sounds and looks so good, your such an inspiration with your blogger travels you rock!

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