I Thought it Was Just a Routine Check-up #AddressYourHeart


I’m not just blowing smoke up your chimney when I tell you that last year I got scared for my health.

At a routine doctor visit, I discovered that my blood pressure was running dangerously high. At a follow-up check the next week, my blood pressure hadn’t budged. Dangerously high.

My cholesterol test came back too. Dangerously high.

I saw a look of fear on the nurse’s face, and I’ll never forget it.

I was so scared that I immediately changed my life, and I do mean immediately.

Heart disease runs in my family, and I’m not looking to stroke out. And that’s why you’ve seen me change over the last 7 months, and lose all of my extra weight and move to a heart-healthy diet.

I portion everything, eat mindfully, and put my health before anything else.

This is a typical heart-healthy meal for me. I’ll have a toasted turkey sandwich (with fat-free cheese and light whole-grain bread) and a cup of light soup.

heart-healthy lunch

Does that mean I don’t ever indulge in anything unhealthy? Psssssht, of course I do! But I do it in small amounts, not all the time, and often just by modifying foods to make them healthier.

And the best part of all is that my blood pressure and cholesterol are completely back to normal without medication.

I addressed my heart!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Campbell Soup Company’s Address Your Heart initiative. The opinions, text, and images are all mine.


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