Jambu Amber Wedge Booties are Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!


Part of the fun of being a girl is wearing the shoes we get to wear. It’s like we’re genetically wired to love them!

I have to show you my newest review pair: the Jambu Amber fusion wedges. Aren’t they adorable?! Yes.

Jambu Shoes - Amber
These are my second pair of shoes from Jambu Footwear. Two years ago I got the Jambu Sugar wedges, and since they were the most comfortable shoes straight from the box that I’ve ever owned, I raved about them. I still wear them all the time. Love.


But back to my new wedge booties…

Jambu Amber wedge

They have very pretty laser cut detailing in the synthetic leather uppers, and they sport a fusion wedge heel design which is really comfortable to walk in. I also like that they add a little height to my petite frame.

I found it really hard to capture the exact color of these in my photos, but it’s a medium shade of brown pretty close to the stock photo above.

Jambu Amber - 1

Jambu Amber - 3

The shoe is surprisingly lightweight in spite of its’ chunky look, which lends itself to being comfortable to walk in. The wedge heel is about 3.5″ high and rests on a 1″ platform with a memory foam footbed for extra comfort. The eco-friendly ‘All Terra Traction’ outsoles are made with partially recycled rubber and have a reassuring non-slip grip.

There’s an elasticized panel of goring and a velcro overlay strap to allow for a custom fit. There’s also an inner side zipper for easy on/off. (I’ve found the zipper a little sticky so far though.)

Jambu Footwear - Amber shoes

The shoes are available in Latte and Black, but I’m pretty much in love with this Latte color. They’re fast becoming my go-to shoe when I go shopping or out on a weekend date.

I’ve never met a Jambu I didn’t love, and this is no exception. It’s a little pricey at $139 for faux leather, but the styling, comfort and eco-friendly qualities justify it.

(Not only are the outsoles made from partially recycled rubber, but Jambu only uses 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging.)


Visit Jambu.com to see the entire line of comfortable, stylish and nature-inspired shoes for women, men and kids. You can also find the Jambu Amber boots at Amazon.


Do you love wedges and booties as much as I do? What style of shoe do you find yourself wearing and/or wanting to buy most often?


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    I love wedge heels because they give you height, make your legs look good, but so much more comfortable and easier to walk in then say, stilettos, pumps, etc. I love these!

  2. says

    I love wedges but can’t wear them right now due to a foot injury. Doctor said at least a year. Every time I see cute boots like this I tell myself, next year!!! Thanks for sharing them and letting me drool for a little while. I’m going to bookmark this page so I can come back to it when I can wear them again.

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    I love wedges but have been hesitant to purchase wedged boots or booties due to comfort reasons. After hearing how great yours are, and seeing similar pairs everywhere this season, I think it’s about time I make the jump!

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    I’m really loving wedges these days – they give me height without the pain of stilettos ๐Ÿ˜‰ This review had me at ‘memory foam’ I love my mattress, I can imagine I’d love walking around all day if that was underneath my feet!

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    Commence the drooling! Goodness, those shoes you got to review, one word: Gorgeous! I totally think you’re on to something here, though; as woman, we’re genetically wired to LOVE footwear of any kind ๐Ÿ˜€

    I find myself a boot kinda girl. A good pair of boots that catches my eye will stop me right where I stand ^.^

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