Software Updates Are Annoying For a Reason


Software updates are incessant (and incredibly annoying). Updates on the computer usually require a reboot too, and that’s extra super annoying!

My phone is the worst. I’m constantly seeing double digit updates pending my approval. In fact, when I started writing this post I looked at my app icon, and was appalled at how many were waiting for me. I can’t keep up!


I was letting them update automatically, but it was killing my battery power because the dang phone was forever dragging something else into it.

But letting them stack up like that is not what a good girl (or boy) should do.

I’m guilty of badness. Baddy baddy badness.

Updates are annoying for a reason. ——> They want you to update.

So they’ll nag the everlovin’ fluff out of you until you finally give in and do it.


So do it. Update your system. There are too many of us who aren’t.

Those out of date software programs are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and they are repeatedly targeted with exploit tools. You’ve probably heard instances of it happening. Remember a while back when everyone was told to disable Java? It was being targeted maliciously!

Make sure you have the latest version of all software! Update, update, update.

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It’s a free download and easy to install on most any device. Protect yourself.

What kind of track record do you have with keeping your software updated?


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