It’s All About Positivity #FightFatTalk


I officially made it through the rest of the holiday season without any more fat talk! After I caught myself in an unconscious violation a couple of weeks ago, I’ve made a concerted effort to fight fat talk and stop the self-deprecation chatter.

I was visiting family that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much I’d changed. And even though they said nice things, old habits die hard, and I bit my tongue as I fought the nearly automatic reflex I have of deflecting compliments.

Fight Fat Talk - Kellogg's

And since I can be ruthlessly cruel to my reflection in the mirror, I fought the instinct to sneer at what I saw, and worked really hard on finding something I liked about myself.

face in mirror

You know what I realized?

I love my hair! I love my natural dark brown color, and it’s starting to get longer and show its soft waves and curls.

And I like my deep brown eyes which remind me so much of my dad.

So, that’s only two things so far, but it’s a start, right?

Ninety-three percent of women complain about their bodies.

I’m appalled by that statistic… Sickened, really. Why do we feel the need to rip ourselves apart like that? What possible good can come from that kind of negativity?

I’ve let the negativity become a destructive barrier to weight management in my own life too many times, but when I change my outlook to the positive, I’m far more successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Fat Talk is weighing all women down.

So as we head into the new year with fresh beginnings and a world of opportunities, I’m especially grateful to Special K for spreading the #FightFatTalk message and encouraging us to shhhhut it down.

Tell me something you’d like to do bring more positivity and optimism to your own life in 2014.


  1. says

    I need to accept myself “as is.” It is fine to work towards changes (I do need to lose weight and get more fit), but I need to be kinder and more accepting of myself at each stage along the way.

  2. says

    I need to be more positive about the things we DO have instead of complaining about the things we don’t have and honestly, probably don’t even actually NEED.

  3. says

    I think that is awesome Liz! We all do it, and we all shouldn’t! Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    I would like to be more positive about myself in general. I’m pretty cool you know? And sometimes it takes me a second to remind myself of that! 😛

  4. says

    I love these fight fat talk articles. I’ve been much more conscious of the way I view and talk about my body since my daughter was born.

  5. says

    I’d like to be more positive in general. I find that I can get highly irritable at times and just start complaining about everything. I’d like to change that.

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