Fat Talking? Guilty as Charged #FightFatTalk


I’d wager a bet that Fat Talk, (making negative comments about your own body or someone else’s) is so ingrained in your behavior patterns that you probably don’t even realize how often you’re doing it.

I say this because I had a casual text exchange with my daughter last night, and when I happened to glance at the conversation today, I was appalled. This kind of banter is so natural to me, I didn’t even realize I was “fat talking” in the moment. (Daughter-grey, Me-green)

Fight Fat Talk conversation


The irony of it all is that I knew I was going to be writing a post about “Fat Talk,” and I still got tripped up in my old ways.

Complaining about our bodies has become an unconscious part of daily life. In fact, 93% of women do it.

I know that when I pass by the mirror and don’t like what I see, I’ll mutter a self-deprecating comment under my breath about it, and when I’m in social situations and someone pays me a compliment, I’ll deflect it each and every time.

Fat Talk is weighing all women down.

Did you know that negative comments are a destructive barrier to weight management? It makes total sense, right? Optimism is the key to success.

SpecialK_FightFatTalkInfographic_Final 12.5

We have to Fight Fat Talk! I’m supporting Special K as they work to spread this message to women (and men) and encourage us all to stop the fat talk.

Fight Fat Talk - Kellogg's

Let’s shhhhut it down and tip the scales to positivity.

Ways to #FightFatTalk:

Don’t compare yourself to other women and unrealistic “ideals” in the media.

When someone gives you a compliment, don’t object; just say thank you.

If you find yourself making a self-critical comment, counter it by saying something you like about yourself. Retrain your brain to look for the positives.

If you hear Fat Talk around you, change the conversation.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day and say something nice. You can even write positive messages on sticky notes and attach them to the mirror, fridge, bulletin board, etc.


Won’t you join me in the challenge? Let’s Fight Fat Talk with some positivity. Tell me something you like about yourself!


  1. Dawn Monroe says

    I do fat talk but not once a week. I also notice as I get older that instead of fat talk its turning to wrinkle or bad skin talk, its always something.

  2. Shar says

    I am guilty of ‘Fat Talk’. And I agree with you in that ‘Fat Talk’ weighs all women down. It is difficult not to want that old body back as we age and pick up a few pounds. ugghh!

  3. ellen beck says

    I am afraid I need to tell myself to be quiet. As you grow older your body changes and it isnt always easy remembering you wont always look 20 or 30 anymore.

  4. says

    I love this challenge. I too have gained about 25 lbs since I had my 2 daughters. I can see the difference in my body and I’ve also noticed that it’s harder to lose the weight I’ve gained. I sometimes look in the mirror and mumble to myself what happened to my body. Most of the time, I am fine with it but there are times when I wanted to run or jog or do whatever it takes to remove the flabs and the tummy pouch I have.

  5. krista grandstaff says

    This challenge sounds difficult – I’ve been doing this since I was 10 or so…so that is over thirty years of “ugly talk” .. ah well. I like…the color of my eyes. They are gray-green.

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