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If you have preschoolers saying “What should I do?” but you don’t want to park them in front of the tv, here’s a free, fun and educational app with mini-games for your kids!

It’s called GS Preschool Games and is available for Android and iTunes. Your kids will love it because the games are thoughtfully designed but super quick to play, so they won’t get bored!

GS Preschool Games

GS Preschool Games is for kids between the ages of 3-6, and it’s designed to enhance learning, imagination and free play through each of the beautiful games.

GS Preschool Games - Complete the picture puzzle

The app differentiates itself because it covers so many different learning concepts into one single app. Instead of having to download multiple apps for different reasons, kids can learn a variety of ideas in one place.

GS Preschool Games-Match the Shadows

They’ll be able to practice skills like matching, counting, comparisons, puzzles, mazes and more. If a game doesn’t look interesting to them, they can tap the “Skip” button and move on to the next one.

If kids take to a certain style of game, i.e. counting games, they can choose that category and play game after game in that style.

GS Preschool Games-Count Objects

GS Preschool Games-Count the Objects

GS Preschool Games-Find Odd Items

GS Preschool Games includes 9 thoughtfully designed game categories full of mini-games with colorful and attractive images and sounds.

The games are randomly scattered throughout the app, so if they just move from one to the next, they’ll be playing a little bit from each category.

GS Preschool Games - Compare objects


Game categories include:

– Match the Shadows
– Jigsaw puzzles
– Count the Objects
– Solve the Maze
– Memory games
– Find odd items
– Balloon quizzes
– Scratch Paint
– Compare Objects

Help your kids beat boredom this winter and download the FREE GS Preschool Games app where learning actually IS fun!

GS Preschool Games App

Look for it on Android here:

And on iTunes for iOS here:




  1. says

    My son played this for what felt like forever today- he wouldn’t get in the car to go because he kept needing to do “one more game”! At least he’s learning while he plays!

  2. says

    My son technically is no longer preschool age, but since he’s on the autism spectrum, he enjoys playing a ton of different games that may typically be geared toward younger children. I know he’d have some fun with these!

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