‘Twas The Night Before Checklist


I’ve always been the kind of person who bounds out of bed within seconds of hearing the alarm. My kids are quite the opposite.


alarm clock

Once my daughter is on her feet, she’s on a roll, but my son moves in sloooooooow-mo slow motion. He has zero sense of urgency, and there’s literally nothing you can say to move him any faster than he’s going to move.

Lest you think my daughter has the winning morning edge here, no-no, that’s wrong. She’s a clothes changer, a multitudinous outfit cast-asider.

So basically the two of them end up being ready to go at about the same time — seven o’ late to school.

‘Tis nonsense.

Actually, ’twas nonsense.

Because we started getting ready the night before.


Backpacks were hung on the doorknob with care.

backpack by door

Clothes were selected and laid out to wear.

The table was set with breakfast to share.

set up breakfast night before

And since it’s not Christmas, I’ll stop the rhymes there.


Granted, my daughter still cast clothing asunder as she tried things on the night before, but once she had chosen an outfit, the rule was she had to wear it the next morning (barring some kind of freakish weather mutation or something).

Getting ready the night before made all the difference in the world. They were dressed in just a few minutes and in the kitchen for breakfast which was already waiting on the table.


All I had to do was pour them some juice, put out some fresh fruit and let them pick some cereal. Once breakfast was done, they brushed their teeth and grabbed their backpacks which had already been loaded with homework and books the night before.

That’s what I call a great start to a morning!

Kellogg's raisin bran breakfast

To help you organize the morning the night before, here’s a printable Night-Before Checklist from Team Kellogg’s!

Hint — Make it reusable. Print it out, laminate it and check off the boxes with a dry erase marker each night.


Here’s to smooth mornings and great starts for everyone!

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    Ahhh now why didn’t I ever think of getting breakfast ready the night before when Amber was younger? I did the backpack and clothes stuff but was always scrambling for breakfast!

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    What a cute rhyme! And its a great idea to get as much ready the night before because I am always running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything together to leave. As a working mom of a new baby and a toddler, 2 things always get me: bottles and shoes, lol. Thanks for the reminder to get things done the night before!

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