Simple Organization Solutions from Dollar Tree


Partnered post with Dollar Tree. All opinions are mine.

I’m a very practical shopper, and like many, some, all or none of you, I live within a modest budget. I go into a store looking for a particular thing and if they have it, I buy it and then leave. If they don’t have it, I just leave.

Some stores I stay a little longer than others though — Dollar Tree. I mean come on… everything’s a buck. That requires looking!

Dollar Tree logo

My most recent trip into Dollar Tree had me searching for simple organization solutions. I may have it all on lock in my brain, but my house is another matter entirely.

I found this magnetic dry erase board in the home office section. This was an essential one dollar purchase!

I like to keep it on the side of my fridge because it nags me every time I go into the kitchen, and who doesn’t love to be nagged?

dry erase note board - Dollar Tree

Since I have a way of stacking, shoving, and cramming things, my desk drawers are pure chaos. A simple change like adding a pencil cup and a paper clip holder to the top of my desk cuts down on some of those manic search and rescue missions.

office supplies - Dollar Tree

I also picked up this little file folder because throwing coupons into a drawer the way I do is stupid! This chunky pink file is easy to spot and now holds all of my free product coupons. (The freebies are the only ones I use anymore.)

file folder -coupon folder - Dollar Tree

This is my new brainstorm box. I have notes in my phone, notes on scrap paper and notes on my hand and it’s a system that’s broken. So now I transfer my blog ideas to an index card, and I gradually flesh it all out in outline form as things come to me.

So far, so good.

Index card case-cards - Dollar Tree

I spotted all these food storage containers in the kitchen section (which is massive, by the way). Since I make a lot of recipes for the blog and can’t possibly eat everything at once, I portion and freeze a ton of it.

Betty Crocker food storage containers - Dollar Tree

Six chili dinners ready to freeze!

There are oodles and oodles of storage containers in Dollar Tree. OooooOOOdles! Some are functional in design but I’m drawn to the more colorful options. Did I mention there are TONS of them in the store?

This little bucket stores all of my remotes together in one place, and I’m so glad I chose a bright red. The color pops out at me so much, and it’s a visual reminder to put the remotes back in their happy new home. (I’m actually following the rules!)

Remote control storage container - Dollar Tree

I stumbled across this folding toothbrush and I’m so tired of using the wrap-it-in-tissue method of storage. I was using those snap together tubes before the tissue wrap, but the insides were secretly hiding mildew and icky ickington bits.

travel toothbrush- Dollar Tree

( I realize this isn’t exactly organization, but oh well. They have an enormous section of personal care items that can’t be ignored when shopping there.)

And finally, when I found this over the door hook, I felt like I’d reached the top of Mt. Organization. I know it’s just a simple plastic hook (with a grippy surface for cling power), but it makes me happy!

I can hang my giant fuzzy pink robe on it (and I do), or I can hang my bath towels up to dry after showering. (I do that too.) This is a $1 purchase of joy!

accessory hook - Dollar Tree

I’m definitely not one for buying stuff just because it’s inexpensive, but when the price of everything in the store is only $1, it’s so worth wandering through the aisles to see if there’s something to help make life easier!

Visit to find a store near you!

Tell me about your favorite Dollar Tree finds. What should I look for next time I go shopping?


  1. says

    I love, love, love Dollar Tree!

    Whenever we have holidays or crafts or organization projects coming up, it’s the first place I head. I’m always finding awesome stuff there.

  2. says

    LOL I love your travel toothbrush method. :) I am a huge fan of the Dollar Tree, I just redid both our pantries and our cleaning supplies under the sink with organizing items I bought there. Love them!

  3. says

    I always find some of the best deals at the Dollar Tree. It’s also a fun place to take my preschooler as a reward for good behavior. She loves being able to do a little shopping.

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