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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Ambassadors SE Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Whenever I upgrade to a spiffy and fancy new smartphone (which isn’t that often because it’s e’spensive), it seems like the next month (or even week), there’s an announcement of something far more impressive.

Ooooh, that burns my girdle.

Verizon Edge upgrades

Sooooo over the holidays, I heard this rumor that Verizon had an upgrade program called Verizon Edge. Well, I work with them so they told me about it… but that didn’t stop me from being cynical.

I’m chock full of cynicism!

It all stems from leasing cars. I was stuck for years in a vicious upgrade and rollover the balance trap, and once I broke free of that, I vowed to use everything I bought until it keeled over dead. Or I did.

Verizon Edge

So my pessimistic point is that I side-eyed this program at first, but after learning about it, I admit it’s a pretty sweet way for tech hungry folks to stay up to date with trends.

Here’s how Verizon Edge works:

• Sign up, and once you’re approved, you’ll be able to Edge Up in no time.

• Choose the latest device. You’ll pay full retail price, spread out over 24 months, plus applicable taxes at point of sale. For a limited time, you can even get a credit for that first monthly installment payment applied to your bill within two billing cycles (first month’s payment still due at sale) and a $100 Verizon gift card for enrolling in the Edge plan.

• Plus, you’ll get a credit for your activation fee within two billing cycles.

• Edge Up as soon as six months later as long as you’ve paid off 50 percent of the device’s retail cost. You’ll just turn in your current device for a new one, starting the process over. You do not have to pay off the remaining cost of the device you’re leaving behind – no rollovers!


The Verizon Edge program is designed to help you stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Just trade your current phone for a new one—no hassles, no down payments, no finance charges, no upgrade fees and no long-term service contracts. What’s not to love?

Visit the Verizon website for more details and information on the Verizon Edge program.


Are you a “use it ’til it falls apart” person like me, or do you like to get the latest technology as soon as you can?



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