Spring Cleaning the Bedroom #NaturesSleep


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I have a tendency to stack and pile stuff, mostly papers and clothing…. mostly everything else too. So I rely on spring cleaning to crack my game and set me straight, and whenever someone or something grand is set to arrive, it’s tidy time.

And the appearance of a new Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress is definitely grand! My old mattress isn’t that old, but it feels like sleeping on a 3-D topographical map with all of its valleys, canyons and meandering byways. No good!

So to prepare the place for a comfy new mattress, I set about on an afternoon of spring cleaning in the bedroom.

Spring Cleaning the Bedroom

What Not to Forget When Spring Cleaning the Bedroom

Pick everything up off the floor that shouldn’t be there, and put away clothing. It’s a good time to sort through your closet too.

Clean cobwebs out of ceiling corners, dust baseboards, doors, air vents, window frames and furniture. Clean ceiling fans.

Wash draperies and clean blinds.

Vacuum under the bed.

Refresh the bedding: When stripping the sheets for washing, give the blankets, comforters and pillows a wash too.

Flip mattress if still in good condition; if not, purchase a quality replacement mattress. (Mine is the Cayman gel mattress from Nature’s Sleep.)

After my spring cleaning was finished, I took a nap.

But then I heard the FedEx truck in my driveway and when I saw the driver open the rear door and get out a hand truck, I knew my mattress had arrived. But that son of a gun was heavy, so I had to call my boyfriend to come over and get the thing inside.

Nature's Sleep unboxing

It came in a box, wrapped in heavy-duty plastic, squished into a roll like this! I helped my boyfriend by watching him carry the mattress into my room.

We carefully cut the plastic packaging open, unrolled it on top of the box springs (my previous box springs didn’t need to be replaced) and the mattress sprang to life and started to expand back to size.

Nature's Sleep Cajun Gel Mattress

Although it appeared to decompress quickly, the packaging says not to sleep on it for 24 hours, and I’m a good girl so I obeyed the rules.

I’ll be updating you on how I feel about the mattress over the next few months, but so far, sooooo darn good!

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What kind of spring cleaning have you done so far this year?


  1. says

    Ooohhh…that looks comfy! I just spent the past several hours spring cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. Would really loved to have washed my comforter, but it’s massive and won’t fit in our washer. Looks like I need to plan a visit to the laundry mat.

  2. says

    I need to do some Spring cleaning in my bedroom. I have a Queen size bed and it seems the half I don’t sleep on ends up being where I pile stuff on for days til I finally put them away.

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